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Holy cow the Ravens won. Guess the season isn't over yet, huh?


( It was the longest NFL game in 26 years.)

Just blowing smoke
It has been a few days since we have seen the news of a mad man walk into an Elementary School and murder almost two dozen children. Most of us are still reeling in horror from this. While we are a nation that is accustomed to being so busy that we do not have a moment to blink what happened in Connecticut has everyone sickened to the point of inertia. We need time to process this. If there could ever be enough time. Sure, the opportunists are rushing to shout their message, as are the reactionaries. Right now, most of them are on the same page.

More gun control.

Well, I am kind of ok with that. To begin with. I certainly want to have that discussion. Yet the O'Bama Administration pointed out today that Gun control would only be part of the solution to the problem of what is becoming a fad for mass public murders. I agree.

After we get get some breathing space and after we get the budget crap straightened out, this is what I'd like to see. At a minimum.

1) No one under the age of 21 owns a handgun, semi-automatic anything, or shotgun. Sorry. If you're to young to make the decision to drink & drive than No I do not trust you with a firearm. Want to argue with me about armed teens the Military. Fine, having lived it, they are supervised and have to turn in their weapons to a Master-At-Arms.

2) We need to start taking Mental Illness seriously. How many of us know people that we consider “crazy” but its ok since they haven't hurt anyone “yet”? Maybe we should do something about that?

3) As parents we have to stop letting our kids play first person shooter games. These games are about killing human beings. Graphically. Why the hell are you letting your kid play them? Because their friends do? Seriously?

4) The 'Assault Weapon” ban is just fodder for the mob. Historically,it did nothing. Pass it again, I don't care. , BUT it wouldn't hurt to legally track who tries to buys these weapons and things like bullet proof vests/body armor. Why would someone need that stuff?

5) What about a waiting period, with a guaranteed refund, for gun purchases? ( Unless there's IMMINENT DANGER waiver). Say 5 weeks? That should reduce a lot of the impulse buys.

6) Education- Damn straight. Owning a weapon. Firearm, crossbow, taser or sword, is a responsibility. Lock those things up. Make it a law if anyone under 21 reside in the house.

7) For Petunia's sake, teach your children if they want to get back at anyone the best thing to do is just WALK AWAY forever.

fish & chips.
My parents and In-laws are over 65 and Caucasian. So this may not shock too many of you when I report that my parents, the former New York civil liberty activists are now Limbaugh Republicans, alongside of my in-laws. Then there are my old friends and acquaintances I have across the country who work in Defense and Finance who also lean towards the GOP.

For the past several months I have had to listen to some of this gang moan about how terrible of a Candidate Mitt Romney is. How a more charismatic player like Michelle Bachman or Ricky Santorum would have done a better job of winning this election. No, I’m not kidding some of them ( Mostly distant friends & my mother-in-law) really believe this crazy shit.

A Bachman or Santorum would never get more than 22% of the General vote and driven every sane person to automatically support the President. I am not a Mitt Romney fan. On the hand I don’t feel the need demonize average political opponents so I don’t “hate “ him either.

Given Mr. Romney’s lack of broad appeal to humans today’s election came down to a referendum for Mr. Obama's job performance. Given the field we saw last spring Romney-the-dead-fish probably was the best they could do without antagonizing Middle America. Gary Johnson was too radical left and isn’t married right now. Jon Huntsman has the same lack of charisma Romney does and started his race too late to make a difference. The rest of the field isn’t worth mentioning. On the other hand, an inoffensive empty pizza box would have gotten 40% of the popular vote in today’s general election. It doesn’t matter. In the end, President Obama wins and we need to move on.

Having charisma may have helped. I don’t think it would have made too much of a difference though. Charisma isn’t the real problem, Americans love their incumbents. The Republicans need to clean house and take a look at their party platform. For better or worse they’re going to have to learn to honestly embrace financial responsibility, a plan to upgrade every level of infrastructure ‘ jobs/safety’ , honest tax reform, figure out what to do about the disenfranchised abandoned working class (Non-union) and be inclusive of everyone no matter what their lifestyle is.

The interesting question coming out of this loss will be if the Republicans try to reinvent themselves into something a broader portion of the electorate can support as most political parties do after they lose or ignore reality and just blame Mitt?

Please tell me Akin lost. Please?!?

So may I introduce to you the one and only Billy Shears
Y’know the attention has been on the national race that we’ve forgotten some of the little things.

Tomorrow Maryland has a chance to be the first state, or at least one of the first states to legalize gay marriage through referendum.

We already did a wonderful job of passing a bill through the legislature, instead of having it thrust on us by the courts. The bill took two passes to become law. It had its usual opponents conservative Democrats and Republicans. Here in Maryland the Senate is 66% Democrat while the House of Delegates is 69 % Democrats. ( The Republicans really just hang out there.) BTW - The former Republican leadership resigned last year because he thought, correctly, his party was making a mistake opposing the bill.

This year they re-tweaked the bill to offer better protections for religious establishments. If a particular religion didn’t agree with same-sex union then that establishment can not be forced to allow a union to take place on their property. I respect freedom of religion and think this is a fairly good law. It passed in the Maryland Senate 25 to 21.

Naturally it was challenged and ended up in referendum. I’ll be voting for QUESTION 6. Advocates = Good luck in the states of Washington and Maine who will also be out there with the same. Once again for you turkeys that are opposed to gay marriage, you had a decade to come up with a legal alternative and blew it. You lose. Things change.

Get over it and let people live their lives.

Wait a second
Just trying to digest this.

After the Cruise:Holmes news broke out Rupert Murdoch attacked the Cruise|Travolta|Whitaker cult on Twitter as creepy.

Let me think about this for a moment. Hmmmm......HellooooooOOOOO

Fox news? Newscorp?

Pot? Kettle?

Hello. Is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me Is there anyone home?
Do the Europeans know they’re impacting the American election race? I’ve said for almost a year now that the only threat to President Obama’s reelection bid is the economy. That is Gas prices, unemployment and inflation.

If the EU comes apart and I am starting to think it really will. Then we’ll see a malaise in the demand for our exports from the Europeans. Institutional investing into the American stock market will also take a hit.

So unless Romney totally flubs the debates, and he might, this November looks to be a tighter race then I would have guessed possible. My money is still, literally, on Obama though.

Oh what kind of cynic would I be if I didn't include the token electoral map?

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Like this is a secret?

In February just under half of women under 50 supported Obama. Now, both USA Today-Gallup and Quinnipiac polls show Obama with over 60 percent support among that demographic. The swing in female voters has now given Obama the lead in several critical swing states.

What powered it? It wasn't the contraception issue itself. That issue was a distant sixth in importance among women voters. Rather, it was the hostile tone of Rush Limbaugh and other Republicans that made a chunk of the female electorate doubt the GOP.

You find the same phenomenon with Hispanics. On issue after issue, Hispanics are generally socially conservative and agree with Republicans. Hispanics even agree with Republicans on many immigration issues. But the hostile, aggressive and xenophobic tone of many Republicans on immigration issues have pushed Hispanic voters to the Democrat Party.

And there was a time when most Muslim voters were Republican. No more.

Tone matters. Getting a voter to agree with you isn't enough. You have to earn their trust, and their comfort.

Speak respectfully, because you have to win minds and hearts

SOURCE - LNC newsletter

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